What our clients say…

Find out why we let our clients tell you their experience with Cosmetic Dentures.

“Just a wee note to say a huge thank you for my new smile. I’m over the moon now that I’ve had a chance to get used to them. No problems at all, fit like a glove and applies no problem!! I’m totally delighted with an excellent job and a great service.”

– Mrs. F

“We would like to thank you both for your time and attention and for providing such an excellent service! I have had the new dentures for some time now and they feel as natural a real teeth!(and let me eat and talk as if they were!) We would be devastated if anything were to threaten the service you provide as we both feel it is second to none!”

– Mr and Mrs.C

“I just have to let you know how pleased I am with my new top denture. It not only looks so natural but it is extremely comfortable wear. I completely forget that I am wearing a denture. Compared to the denture my dentist made for me, there is no comparison. My dentists dentures gave me dreadful ulcers which took days to heal up and the fit and look of the dentures was nothing like my own teeth. Just Awful. Thank goodness my sister recommended you. You are extremely passionate about your work and commited to making the best dentures for all your patients. It is a rare commodity these days for someone to take such pride in their work. Thank you once again Rab for making me feel good about myself again.”

– Mrs. P

“I am very happy and it has totally changed my life. I have more confidence in that I can smile, laugh and eat without fear of it slipping or falling our, which I had with the NHS one. Also I talk more clearly I’ve been told! It makes me smile to myself when friends and colleagues tell me that my hair looks amazing, in that they something different but can’t quite figure it out! I would just like to say thank you so much for all your time and effort that went into making the plate and that nothing seemed to be too much trouble. I must say I quite miss coming to see you every Saturday. You made me feel so at ease and I think we had a very good rapport, which is really important.”

– Mrs. K

“I am thrilled with my teeth (I keep smiling so I can admire them!). Thank you so much for everything, very much appreciated.”

– Mrs. A

“Sincere thanks for my cosmetic dentures. In the past I have always had dentist make them – and there is a world of difference between them and YOUR technique…eating is a pleasure for the first time in years…all in all they have given me a new found confidence…some people have said how well I am looking and even been told I am looking younger…so all in all a great result…I can’t thank you enough for what you do.”

– Mrs. L

“A BIG thank you for all the excellent work, what a difference.”

– Mrs. S

“Just a wee “thank you”. It’s going on 2 years since you made my dentures and they still fit perfectly (as they did right from the start) – and they still do! They are still as comfortable as they were right from the day I got them- no “sore” bits whatsoever and there never have been. They have given me a new confidence that I never knew before (having had NH dentures all my life since they young age of 13)! I’m now 62!! Hope you are still practicing your craft and giving that confidence to others as you did me. Thank you so much. WELL DONE!”

– L.W.

“Thank you for all the time and effort put into creating my new smile. I feel much better, more comfortable and my confidence has returned to what it should be, particularly socially. I am glad I decided to pop in that day and begin the work. I will highly recommended you to anyone who needs the work doing.”

– Mr. A

“My teeth are perfect, I am so pleased with them and everyone says you are a man at your Job. Take Care.”

– Mrs. C

“Thanks again for giving a young lad his confidence back again.”

– Mr G S

Thank you for the lovely denture you made for me recently. I thought I didn’t thank you enough when I collected it. I am very impresses with my “New Look” and think you did a wonderful job, I should have had one made years ago but kept putting it off. I would certainly recommend you to anyone and would like to thank for your skill and kindness.

– Mrs. M B